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Toward Taking Away the Occasion of Abortion - A one-hour radio interview exploring a thoughtful dialog between a pro-life Quaker and a pro-choice Quaker. Air date is 6/22/2008.

        Vasu Murti, author of The Liberal Case Against Abortion, connects Eastern and Western religious traditions in Part 1, air date 1/15/2012, and Part 2, air date 1/29/2012.

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Feature Article: My Personal Journey on the Abortion Issue - February, 2010

          Letters to the Editor responding

Responding Article: What Underlies the Debate About Abortion? - April, 2010

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Reflections on Abortion and Pacifist Principles - October, 2007

The Failed Experiment: Abortion and Women's Rights, Poverty, and Racism - November, 2007

The Impact of the Abortion Debate on Peace Movement Goals - December, 2007

          Letters to the Editor responding to ads

Books on Peace-Oriented Abortion Opposition - April, 2009

AFSC - Time for Further Discernment? - May 2009

Friendly Interaction

Comments from FGC Gatherings (from comment books at exhibit tables)


Report on Friends World Conference, Kenya, April 2012 


Paper given at Friends Association for Higher Education, June 2012:

 Research Agenda on Abortion from a Peace Studies Perspective.


We had a table at the Friens United Meeting Triennial of 2017 in Wichita, Kansas


On-Site Insight

          We would be delighted to receive  original writings to consider for publication on this web page, including reflections, documentation, personal experiences, and book reviews. Send inquiries or short pieces to clerk @ prolifequakers . org [remove spaces].

Summary of the Case for a Pro-Life Peace Testimony

Personal Stories and Reflections

Is Abortion Against Peace Principles? Listen to those who do them 

Friend Susan B. Anthony

Sister Historic Peace Church: The Mennonites

Persuasion? Legal Prohibition? Legal Influence?

Comments on Friends Earthcare Witness Pamphlet

Pacifism 101 for Pro-life non-Quakers 

Connections: Abortion and Nuclear Weapons 

Connections: Abortion and Weaponized Drones 

Connections: Abortion and the Death Penalty

African Americans are More Likely to be Targeted by Legal Violence

Documents of Quakers:

Opposing Abortion and/or Euthanasia

Supporting Abortion and/or Euthanasia Availability


Responses to AFSC book, Who Shall Live?

A Personal Impact

book excerpts: All Shall Live!

Out-of-Site Insight

Quaker Writings with Pro-Life Reflections


 A Lively Concern - Spiritual Diversity Issue, journal of Feminism & Nonviolence Studies Association

Reflections on Personal Discernment - by Bill Samuel

Not One of Us? - by Kevin Roberts, blog posting with lengthy discussion

Other Quaker Reflections

Taking Away the Occasion for Abortion - Quaker EarthCare pamphlet

          Responding essay to Quaker Earthcare pamphlet

Abortion and Civil War by Chuck Fager

          Responding essay to Chuck Fager

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Basic brochure - 2 sides, three-fold

Consistent Life's brochure on Historic Peace Churches - 2 sides, three-fold


Web-sites from a peace or feminist or disability-rights

point of view:

Consistent Life, an international network for peace and life, and weekly e-newsletter and blog

Life Matters Journal

No Violence, Period

Feminism & Nonviolence Studies Association

Feminists for Nonviolent Choices

Feminists for Life of America

Pro-life Alliance of Gays & Lesbians

Not Dead Yet

Recommended Reading

Books for delving deeper.

Peace & Life Connections, put out by Consistent Life, is a weekly one-page e-newsletter coming out on Fridays. Linked site includes a subscription button, past issues, and an index to past issues.

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