To our fellow pro-lifers who oppose abortion

And our fellow peace advocates who oppose weaponized drones

 Here are some reflections on the connection between the two. Both rely on the idea that it’s acceptable to kill innocent people in a targeted way.


“Should We Stop Using Robots That Randomly Kill Children?”

(quotation from the Jack Hunter article below)


Jack Hunter, Pro-life Means Anti-drone,” The American Conservative, October 25, 2012

        "For pro-lifers, there must be a question: If life is sacred, how can we justify killing so many innocent children? Some might say, ‘Well, that’s just war. We make mistakes.’

        Yet, I don’t know a single pro-lifer who would agree with rectifying the mistake of an unplanned pregnancy by making yet another mistake in terminating that pregnancy. If we justify the killing of innocent children abroad because their lives are somehow worth less, how is this different from liberals who dehumanize the personhood of a fetus?"

156_protest.jpgPatrick Mahoney at double demonstration April 13, 2013, in Washington, D.C., linking a walk from Planned Parenthood to the White House for an anti-drone rally

Troy Newman, Director of Operation Rescue, December 2012, LifeTalk News

        Note: Comedian and TV host Bill Maher proposed (October 7, 2012) that it’s a good idea for more people to die by abortion, suicide (“assisted and regular”) and the death penalty because “the planet is too crowded and we need to promote death . . .    The pope is consistently pro-life. I am consistently pro-death. . . . My motto is, ‘Let’s kill the right people.’”

        In response, Troy was discussing this with the panel and soon thereafter came this remark. The first few words are said with a tone of heavy sarcasm, and disapproval is clear throughout.

        "And you know Mr. Peacenik Obama, who got the Nobel Peace Prize, is actually killing people now with drones. Just like something out of Star Wars. So they’re out there targeting individuals and murdering them with electronic equipment. Just following through with the same Bill Maher philosophy – 'Kill the right people.'"