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Freedom Friends Church, Salem, Oregon (Unaffiliated)

(2-6) We hold dear the gift and sacredness of human life. This is lived out in a commitment to end hunger and preventable disease, and to make sure that no one ever has to choose abortion because of economic or relational coercion. We oppose capital punishment, domestic violence and child abuse. We have an enduring commitment to mercy and compassion.
[Faith and Practice, Freedom Friends Church]

Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting (EFI)

G. Abortion
     Married people, single mothers, and pregnant teenagers have tremendous needs when facing an unwanted pregnancy. It is the position of Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting that the gospel of Jesus Christ mandates our advocacy on behalf of those who are faced with an unwanted pregnancy. It is our position that it is God's will for us to offer a practical ministry through education, discipleship, reconciliation, and extended help to meet the needs of mothers who might turn to abortion when their children will be born into families that are not prepared or willing to care for them. Release for adoption is a positive option in such situations.
Friends recognize and affirm only one Authority. In the matter of abortion it is our firm conviction that life begins at conception. God is the Creator of life. The practice of abortion violates the will of God and is therefore sinful.
     Friends recognize and affirm God's forgiveness and grace which covers those who sin, either by withholding ministry from pregnant women, or by aborting their own or another's baby. May the Holy Spirit, who convicts of sin, comfort all who face an unwanted pregnancy. May His people offer His grace, truth, and practical ministry in such situations.
[The Faith and Practice, Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting of the Friends Church, 2000, p. 11-12]

Friends Church – East Africa (FUM)

g) Sanctity of Life. Friends affirm the sanctity of life and oppose abortion as a method of birth control, and euthanasia.
[Christian Faith and Practice in the Friends Church, Friends United Meeting in East Africa, 2002, p.7]

Evangelical Friends Church - Mid-America (EFI)

10. Abortion. Friends believe that all life is a gift of God (Genesis 2:7; Job 33:4); therefore, when the matter of an abortion is being considered, neither the life of the mother nor of the unborn child is to be lightly treated. We hold that abortion on demand or for reasons of personal convenience, social adjustment, or economic advantage is morally wrong.
We believe it may be employed therapeutically to safeguard the health or life of the mother, but only after spiritual, medical, and psychological counseling have been obtained.
Friends believe an appropriate and morally acceptable alternative to abortion is to arrange for immediate adoption upon birth. They believe that married couples have the right to exercise their preferences as to means of preventing or avoiding conception.
[Faith and Practice, Evangelical Friends Church – Mid-America]

Evangelical Friends Church Southwest (EFI)

Abortion and Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide
     We believe that all human life is a gift from God. We believe that Scriptures teach and common observation confirms that life begins at conception. God is as intimately concerned with the person inside the womb as with the person outside the womb. Moreover, we believe, with the Scriptures, that one's life is never entirely one's own. We belong to God, first of all, but in a very real way, we also belong to one another. As a consequence of this, we oppose the practices of abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide.

     An abortion infringes the very principle of life, violating the love through which God creates and nurtures human life. It asserts an individual's choice over the life of the child, and denies the child's place in the community.

     Euthanasia and assisted suicide have the appearance of compassion, but at their heart, these practices violate the basic principle of life. Any judgment about the potentiality or quality of one life is a diminishment of all life. We recognize that human suffering can be very real at the end of life, but we also affirm that God's presence is just as real.

     We believe our best answer to abortion and euthanasia is to value life profoundly and to embody Christ's love completely in our communities, especially towards those who have undergone an abortion or have been part of an assisted suicide. We recognize that these sinful choices are frequently made under great stress and confusion. We realize as well, that while we must speak clearly against these practices, we must just as clearly proclaim God's love and the availability of forgiveness to those who have done them.
[Evangelical Friends Church Southwest Faith and Practice, p. 14]

Northwest Yearly Meeting (EFI)

16. Respect for Human Life
     We reject the unchristian preempting of God's authority over human life. Because we trust God as the righteous and final judge before whom we spend our lives in probation, we oppose capital punishment. Because we believe in the sacredness of human life, we oppose abortion for personal convenience.
[Faith and Practice of Northwest Yearly Meeting, 2003, p. 7]

     Because we believe human life is sacred and created in God's image, we oppose induced abortion for personal convenience or population control. Under no circumstances should abortion be considered without competent medical, psychiatric, and spiritual counseling.
[Faith and Practice of Northwest Yearly Meeting, 2003, p. 64]

Alaska Yearly Meeting (EFI)

Christian Social Concerns
     The Christian Social Concerns Committee shall be concerned with the application of Christian principles to individual and community life. It shall promote the use of peaceful methods of settling differences in all areas of conflict and the promotion of good will among men. It shall provide information and education in opposition to abortions, the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, harmful drugs and other harmful narcotics. It shall be concerned for social justice and for the physical and spiritual well-being of individual and group life.
[Alaska Yearly Meeting of Friends Churches Handbook of Faith, Practice & Discipline, 1988, p. 16]